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by jgaskell May 7, 2014

Grounded (Vancouver Fringe Festival, 2016)

“It’s a lot of airplane for Gaskell to handle, but she meets the challenge with a muscular performance. We are totally convinced by her transformation from crotch-first god of the sky to grieving desk jockey. Her attention to detail is exquisite as she makes The Pilot more and more vulnerable to us, one tiny adjustment at a time.” – Darren Barefoot, Vancouver Observer (

“…”Grounded” is the best thing I’ve seen at this year’s @VancouverFringe…” – Darren Barefoot, Vancouver Observer (

“Joanna Gaskell (not-so) delicately balances toughness and aggression with an intense vulnerability—I look forward to seeing her in more shows around Vancouver.” – Meghan Bell, Room Magazine (

“Joanna Gaskell plays a phenomenal role in this production. I cannot gush enough about how much intensity and passion she brings to her performance and how captivating her storytelling is.” – Kit Martens, Plank Magazine (

The Last Piece (2013)

“The playwright has said in past interviews that lesbians rarely have an opportunity to see their stories on stage in this genre and she is right. It is for that reason, combined with two solid performances (including a couple hot make-out scenes), it should have the women flocking to the Havana.” – Mark Robins, Gay Vancouver


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