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by jgaskell May 6, 2014

Represented by:

Lissa Lloyd @ Lloyd Talent
14914 104 Avenue
Suite #106
Surrey, BC V3R 1M7

Personal Contact:
Twitter: @mightyjoanna
Facebook: Joanna Gaskell
Instagram: @mightyjoanna


4 Comments so far:

  1. Jeff Sands says:

    Hi Joanna,

    I have been watching standard action and loving it! I live in Burnaby and play RPG’s and I love the humor that you put into your episodes. If you ever need a production assistant or general gopher, let me know. Your work is great, looking forward to seeing more.

  2. jgaskell says:


    Thank you so much for watching! I’m glad you’re liking the show. We’re out of production right now, and into post-production of Season 2, so we’re not in need of any on-set help. Thank you, though! Follow us on Twitter (@stndrdaction) or Facebook, and you’ll hear about it if we go back into production and need any help!

    Thanks again;

  3. Jonas Lindh says:

    Hey Joanna.

    Thank you so much for your awesome show. You guys are doin a great job. And especially thanks to you for making this webseries. An idea comes to life and is perfected so cudos to you:). Thank you so much:)


    • jgaskell says:

      Hi Jonas! I just noticed this message, haha. Awkward! Four years late!

      Anyway, thank you SO much for watching, and reaching out! I appreciate your feedback. I hope you continued to watch our adventures after 2013. 🙂

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