Joanna Gaskell

Lissa Lloyd - Lloyd Talent
106 - 14914 104 Avenue
Surrey, BC V3R 1M7

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Hair: Brown
Eyes: Brown
Height: 5'4"
Accent: American (PNW)
Build: Slender, athletic


The Irrational Actor - FBI Agent GEP Irrational (Amanda Tapping)
School Spirits Actor - EMT Spirited Productions Canada Inc. (Hannah MacPherson)
Who Am I Now? Lead - Alex Jack Dog Productions (Louise Lathey)
Starship Patrol Supporting Lead - Deputy Prime Minister Piper Panic Moon Productions (Adam Zimmerman)
JourneyQuest Principal - Bonespeaker Zombie Orpheus Entertainment (Matt Vancil)
Legend of the Lich Lord Guest Star - Regina Lich Lord Productions (Spencer Estabrooks)
Here for Scarlett Principal - Olivia Panic Moon Productions (Adam Zimmerman)
Standard Action - Season 3 Lead - Edda Critical Success Productions (Rob Hunt)
Untold Stories of the ER Recurring - Doctor Urgent Care Productions (David Massar / Paul Ziller)
Humans & Households Lead - Priestess / Candy Zombie Orpheus Entertainment / Synn Studios (Matt Vancil)
The Gamers: Natural One Principal - Pathfinder Fan Zombie Orpheus Entertainment / Synn Studios (Tom Brown / Matt Vancil)
The Gamers: Hands of Fate Principal - Maj Amarynne Zombie Orpheus Entertainment (Ben Dobyns / Matt Vancil)
The Pyrenees Chronicles Guest Star - The Overseer Independent (Darren Andrichuk)
Standard Action - Season 2 Lead - Edda Critical Success Productions (Rob Hunt)
Animism: The Gods' Lake Series Regular - Tokala / Kakisa Zeros 2 Heroes (Jessica Leigh Clark-Bojin)
Standard Action - Season 1 Lead - Edda Phasefirefilms (Rob Hunt)
Desturbia Guest Star - Karen Riley Cyrus ET (Allen Kumar)
The Directors Project Lead - Laura King Phasefirefilms (Rob Hunt)
A Mythology of Revenge Lead - Eryn Viti Phasefirefilms (Rob Hunt)
Short Films
Crazy For You Principal - Carrie LabCat (Latif Ullah)
Nature Calls Lead - Hiker Mightyjoanna Productions (Joanna Gaskell)
The Trap Door Lead - Lauren VFS (Rob Hunt)
Mario and Luigi: The Early Years Lead - Princess Peach RP Whabam (Mike Parkerson)
Gallifrey Academy Lead - Selina Freyburg Media (Warren Frey)
An Evening with RLS Actor - Tammy Motion Radio (Dayleigh Nelson)
The Dreamers Lead - Miranda Phasefirefilms (Rob Hunt)
Awake Lead - Theresa UBC (Diane Buermans)
Steven Cluff's Last Supper Lead - Celia Cluff Independent (Mike McMaster)
Poison (Music Video) Lead - Britney Harm's Road (Becca Patterson)
The Walls are Crumbling Principal - Girl Phasefirefilms (Rob Hunt)
One Less Shamrock Actor - Carol VFS (Nick Kelly)
Libri Lead - Sally Loo VFS (Katlyn Hicks)
Seeds Actor - Attractive Woman Independent (Attila Luca)
Plus/Minus Principal - Gemma VFS (Jen Randall)
Johnny Loyal, Private Eye Principal - Grace MacCleod VFS (Cameron Hicks)
Interference Lead - Alex Coventry U. (Sarah Wilkinson)
The 13th Hour Principal - Heather Bournemouth U. (Tejumade Oloukun)
Ommie Wise (music video) Lead - Ommie Wise Phasefirefilms (Rob Hunt)
I Got You (music video) Lead - Girl Phasefirefilms (Rob Hunt)
Astro Yogurt Principal - Farmer Pink Media (Didier Charette)
Walker & Dunlop Hero - Advisor Reverie (Rafael Fernandez)
Coast Capital Savings - "Definitions" Hero Spokesperson - Employee Skin & Bones (David Quinn)
Coast Capital Savings - "Membership" Hero Spokesperson - Employee Skin & Bones (David Quinn)
Microsoft - "Project First Day" Principal - Trainee Someplace Nice (Trevor Cornish)
Spectrum Cable - "Friends & Neighbors" Principal - Call Centre Employee
Hershey - "Project X" Principal - Woman  
Hallmark - "Anthem" Principal - Mom  
Coast Capital Savings - "Ding" Principal - Bank Manager Skin & Bones (Matt Swanson)
Nexium 24hr - "Holiday" Principal - Veganista Burbank Gamma Ray (Tony Yacenda)
Time Warner Cable Principal - Sales Rep GreenDot Films (Brent Thomas)
The Critical Hit Show Troupe Member - Edda / Freya The Critical Hit Show (Eric Fell)
Slacks Supporting - Teri Little Basket Theatre (Jacqueline Korb)
Grounded Lead - Pilot Lutalica Theatre (Danielle Lavalee)
The Last Piece Lead - Lee Little Basket Theatre (Jacqueline Korb)
The Critic Lead - Diane Cooper UBC (Christine Clark)
The Vagina Monologues Lead - Woman The Living Society (Tonye Aganaba)
The Visitor Supporting - Mother Spectral Theatre (J.C. Roy)
The Odd Couple (Female Vers.) Lead - Florence Unger Get Real Theatre (Karen Golden)
Eleemosynary Lead - Artie Wesbrook Get Real Theatre (Stephen Torrence)
One Good Marriage Lead - Steph Fighting Chance (Mike Mackenzie)
Nimbus Lead - Amanda Williams Spectral Theatre (Michael Cope)
Dick Whittington Lead - Nigella / Tom / Dick PartyTime (Peter Benedict)
Cymbeline Various Supporting - Pisanio / Ensemble Victoria Shakespeare Society (Barbara Poggemiller)
Hamlet Supporting - Horatio Victoria Shakespeare Society (Adrienne de Souza)
The Big Loop Lead - Janet Big Loop Productions (Paul Bae)
Coast Capital Savings Spokesperson Skin & Bones (David Quinn)
Dyschronia Various My Dearest
A Taste of Hunger (English Dub) Lead - Maggie Zentropa
V.E.R.A. Narrator/Lead - Vera Serving Worlds (John Mierau)
Farlost Signals: Counting Sheep Lead - Mia Serving Worlds (John Mierau)
Piggy (English Dub) Various Morena Films
Less is Morgue Guest Star - Olivia Less is Morgue (Henry Galley)
Tanis Principal - Zoe Harrison Minnow Beats Whale (Terry Miles)
Tanis: Intern Logs Principal - Natalie Minnow Beats Whale (Tara Pratt)
Sword of the Stars: The Pit Lead - Astryd Kerberos Productions (Arinn Dembo)
A Resilient Youth Principal - Jane UBC Faculty of Medicine (Zachary Rothman)
The Alexandria Archives Recurring - Jone The Alexandria Archives (Aaron Sacharow)
The Night Blogger Podcast Recurring - Tegan Blue The Night Blogger (Al Bruno III)
Kilt & Gore's Infamous Playlist Guest Star - Wythil The Alexandria Archives (Aaron Sacharow)
Transmission: Abandon Planet Lead - Victoria Cross Clydesdale (Chris McColgan)
The Veil Lead - Ella Wayward (Christine Clark)
Animism: The Gods' Lake Series Regular - Tokala / Kakisa Zeros 2 Heros (Jessica Leigh Clark-Bojin)
Josephine's Saltine All Voices Salty Stories (Kay Slater)
Checkpoint C Principal - Rat Transylvania Productions (Attila Luca)
Lifemates Narrator McTucklin Productions (Patrick Tuckey)
Cass Narrator Independent (Self-Directed)
Conference Call Recurring Principal - Helen McTucklin Productions (Patrick Tuckey)
--Contact me for a list of corporate voiceover work.--
Corporate Video
Starlit Citadel Reviews Lead - Self Starlit Citadel (Joanna Gaskell)
Regional Parks Training Recurring Principal - Park Patron Regional Parks (Aaron Land)
Computer Trends Training Principal - Female Client 2 Computer Trends
B.C. Transition House Training Principal - Mother B.C. Transition House (Kathy Leung)
Formal: East 15 Acting School (M.A. Acting with merit) - London, U.K.
Acting: David Allan Pearson (TVAK/DAP Studios) // Ingrid Torrance, Aaron Craven (Studio on the Drive) // Marc-Anthony Messiah (School Creative)
Workshops: Sean Cossey; Stephanie Gorin; Judy Lee; Ann Forry; Candice Elzinga
Accents: Canadian, Standard American, RP (Standard English), Southern, Russian, Irish, London, New York, French
Stage Combat: BADC Foundation Level - Gold Star
Other Skills: Rock Climbing; Horse Riding/Jumping/Driving; Softball/Baseball; Volleyball; Yoga; Grade 6 Piano and basic sight reading; acoustic guitar; drums; banjo
Other education: B.Arts in English and Environmental Studies, University of Victoria, Canada

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Red: The Story Behind the Scandal Keep your eye on the fish. The pandemic may have slowed down productivity a

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Represented by: Lissa Lloyd @ Lloyd Talent 14914 104 Avenue Suite #106 Surrey, BC V3R 1M7 604-589-7559 Personal Contact:

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Who Am I Now? (2021) “Joanna Gaskell is the treasure here. Her Alex is so uncomfortable inside her own body,